Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tandberg Data Entering Into LTO-5 HH Tape Drive

Tandberg Data announced the availability of its new LTO-5 Half Height tape drives and media. Tandberg Data LTO-5 HH tape drives can backup 3TB (compression ratio of 2:1) of data on a single cartridge in less than three hours, reducing IT storage costs and simplifying data protection operations.

The introduction of the LTO-5 HH tape drive allows customers to future-proof their storage needs while reducing the number of backup tapes required, lowering their total cost of data protection,” said Simon Anderson, business unit manager of tape automation, tape drives and media at Tandberg Data. “Customers who buy the Tandberg Data LTO-5 tape drive will see increases in performance and capacity, as well as improvements in operational efficiencies,” he added.

Over the last decade, storage capacities on LTO tape cartridges have steadily increased from 200GB to today’s 3TB on a single LTO-5 tape cartridge. This means that the entire printed contents of the U.S. Library of Congress could be stored on fewer than four LTO-5 cartridges. The entire 600TB of genealogical data listed on Ancestry.com, including the U.S. Census data from 1790 to 1930, could be stored on 200 LTO-5 tape cartridges. And a single LTO-5 tape cartridge could hold 3,000 copies of the Encyclopedia Britannica.

The Tandberg Data LTO-5 HH tape drive includes industry-standard AES 256-bit data encryption, ensuring that tapes can be safely and securely transported for offsite storage. The Tandberg Data LTO-5 HH tape drive is read and write compatible with LTO-4 media, and read compatible with LTO-3 media, providing investment protection and long-term archival benefits. Supplied initially with a SAS interface only, the Tandberg Data LTO-5 HH tape drive comes in internal, external or rackmount configurations.

Tandberg Data LTO-5 automation products are planned for release later in the second quarter of 2010. LTO-5 HH tape drives from Tandberg Data can store nearly two times more data than LTO-4 tape drives, making them ideal for automation customers.

"Customers require high-capacity, cost-effective tape storage solutions to safeguard and archive their critical data," said Robert Amatruda, research director, data protection and recovery, IDC. "Tandberg Data's LTO-5 HH tape drive offers customers significant capacity and performance improvements over previous generations of LTO tape drives."

More Tandberg Data LTO-5 HH Tape Drive Features
  • Enterprise-class features and performance in a small form factor
  • 6Gb SAS or 8Gb Fibre Channel connectivity
  • LTO WORM (write once, read many) for regulatory compliance
  • Data rate matching reduces mechanical wear on the drive and extends tape life
  • MTBF of 250,000 hrs at 100% duty cycle increases reliability
  • Consumes 40 percent less power than previous LTO generations
  • New partitioning feature (available this summer) simplifies archiving and long-term storage
  • Well-defined six-generation LTO roadmap provides long-term data protection
Tandberg Data LTO-5 HH tape drives and LTO-5 media is now available through Tandberg Data’s established channel of distributor and reseller partners. LTO-5 tape drive pricing starts at a MSRP of $2,995 and LTO-5 media pricing starts at a MSRP of $129. All Tandberg Data LTO-5 HH tape drives come with a 3-year warranty and advanced replacement service.

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