Friday, July 09, 2010

SnapServer 410 Promotion by Overland Storage

Overland Storage today announced a new promotion for this quarter. The promotion relates to the SnapServer 410 series, which is a rackmount Network Attached Storage (NAS) device. The 410 series is available in a 2TB, 3TB, 4TB and now an 8TB platform using 4 drives and can be configured in RAID 5.

The promotion announced today is an excellent saving opportunity for end-users to get 2TB of storage absolutely free. Order a 2TB SnapServer 410 NAS appliance by Overland Storage, and receive a 4TB SnapServer NAS unit instead. Another way of looking at it, would be, you're getting a 4TB SnapServer for the price of a 2TB unit.

The SnapServer 410 by Overland Storage offers a simple, safe, flexible and reliable backup solution. You can centrally manage of of your snapservers,locally or remotely, replicate data to one or multiple snapservers with Enterprise Data Replication software (EDR), snapshots, and maximize data availability and protection with advanced RAID options.

This offer is available now through September 20, 2010. Please contact your BackupWorks representative to find out how you can get 2TB of free storage and have best in class SnapServer NAS storage by Overland Storage. The products at hand are as follows:

SnapServer 410 2TB (part # 5325302029)
SnapServer 410 4TB (part # 5325302223)

Please contact us today at 866 801 2944

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