Monday, October 29, 2012

Atto Introducing 16Gb FC-to-SAS RAID Controller

ATTO Technology, Inc. has launched a 16Gb FC-to-SAS RAID controller. 

These controllers provide a flexible, scalable and tiered storage system with support for both HDDs and SSDs.

FastStream 9000 allows users to manage applications on multiple tiers of storage controlled from a single subsystem while providing drive assessment and latency management. Users can now take advantage of the benefits of FC connectivity with drive options including SAS/SATA SSDs for online cache, SAS HDDs for primary storage applications such as transactional databases and SATA drives for secondary applications like disk-to-disk backup.
ATTO's new FastStream incorporates leading-edge 16Gb FC technology while offering original equipment manufacturers the flexibility of one solution that can support everything from SSDs to tape storage," said Wayne Arvidson, VP of marketing at ATTO. "What sets ATTO apart in the industry is our ability to provide the broadest portfolio of solutions for original equipment manufacturers and system integrators designing state-of-the-art data infrastructures. Leading vendors are shipping the first FastStream 9000-enabled storage subsystems now, and we expect more embedded products to be released in early 2013."

ATTO offers a family of entry-level, midrange, and enterprise-class bridge, RAID and JBOD controller solutions supporting connectivity including 16 and 8Gb/s FC, 6Gb/s SAS/SATA, and 10Gb Thunderbolt. They can be pre-configured to meet OEM specifications and are available in multiple form factors.

FastStream 9000 Storage Controllers
(Model No. FSSC-9000-E00)
They are designed to sit between workstations and low-cost JBOD disk storage, providing users pay-as-you-grow scalability without purchasing additional RAID controllers when expansion is needed. They are suited for shared applications in IT and digital media and can be tuned across a spectrum of high IOP or high-bandwidth environments. They are also backwards compatible with 8Gb/s and 4Gb/s FC infrastructures. When coupled with an ATTO FC Host Bus Adapter, Multipath Director technology allows users to directly attach HA storage to Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows 8/7/Vista/XP workstations, eliminating the need for an Ethernet connection through a server.
Also available for the ATTO FastStream is
CacheAssure, a technology that safeguards data in the cache in the event of a power loss via battery-less supercapacitor technology. Data is protected for up to 10 years in the event of a system disruption, and is automatically written to disk when the storage system indicates it is operational. It also eliminates the need to monitor and replace batteries, lowering system administration costs.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Iomega Announces StorCenter px12-450r Network Storage Array

  • First EMC array with Intel Ivy Bridge processor
  • Top of the line performance for today, headroom for tomorrow
  • Power for demanding workloads and applications
  • Ready for 4TB disk drives and 10GbE networks
  • EMC LifeLine software technology with cloud integration
The new StorCenter px12-450r Network Storage Array is designed for advanced functions including dedupe, VDI, database and storage-based applications. Examples of emerging applications include video management systems (VMS) for surveillance and McAfee VirusScan Enterprise running natively on the storage.

The heart of the new StorCenter px12-450r is the new low-power Intel Xeon Processor E3-1200 v2, coupled with 8GB memory. The multicore processor excels at multi-threaded storage workloads like multi-LUN iSCSI and multi-client virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). The 8GB memory assists those workloads and easily supports memory-intensive tasks like the Avamar source-based deduplicating agent, included with all Iomega StorCenter PX series storage products.

The new StorCenter px12-450r is a ground-up redesign of Iomega’s previous top-of-the-line model, the StorCenter px12-350r. The StorCenter px12-450r is available in diskless and partially populated configurations, enabling users to start small in terms of storage capacity, or provide their own HDDs and grow as workloads and storage capacity dictate. The px12-450r is qualified with a broad range of 1TB, 2TB and 3TB consumer and Server Class Series HDDs, as well as upcoming 4TB HDDs. All product configurations and expansion drives for the px12-450r available from Iomega include Server Class Series ATA drives for the highest reliability.

The new px12-450r also supports solid state drives (SSDs), ideal for large amounts of small block random I/O workloads such as virtualization and database. The px12-450r expands on the px12-350r’s user serviceability with a new mechanical design that makes the processor complex itself user replaceable by removing just two thumbscrews. All product configurations include disk drive trays to simplify capacity expansion – users just add HDDs.

One of the key advantages of adopting leading edge technology like the new Intel Xeon Processor is that the StorCenter px12-450r can handle advanced workloads to increase the lifespan of the network storage array for end users. The multicore processor and 8GB memory are ready for the next generation of storage-based applications. The px12-450r includes 2 PCIe slots to further expand the px12-450r’s capabilities, particularly by adding I/O connectivity, like 10GbE when it becomes mainstream. Finally, the px12-450r is ready to support 4TB HDDs, expected in wide availability by the end of this year.  Call your rep at at 866 801 2944 for all you NAS storage needs and inquire about the px12-450r server class network storage array.