Friday, April 03, 2015

Imation Lock & Key to Safeguard Storage From Unauthorized Access

Imation Corp. introduced Lock & Key, a solution that adds an additional layer of security to storage environments and protects data files from internal and external threats.

It provides advanced two-factor authentication for storage administrators, ensuring lock-down access to storage systems and allowing organizations to enhance their security strategies. Lock & Key solutions will be made available for purchase in June 2015 for use with Nexsan Assureon secure archive solutions.

Lock & Key is a component of company's Secure Data Movement Architecture (SDMA). Through Lock & Key, organizations can enhance their security strategies by requiring a second factor of authentication for storage administrators to gain access to storage systems. No matter where they are, administrators will be able to access a secure management user interface for one or more of Nexsan storage systems using their access credentials and a paired, encrypted and tamper-resistant IronKey secure storage flash drive. Lock & Key solutions are deployed in plug-and-play fashion, and can be centrally controlled and administered by anyone in an organization's IT team who has the required access privileges.

An important element of this framework is the ability to ensure secure access to storage systems and keep data from being stolen, destroyed or illegally accessed. Lock & Key delivers the solution to these problems by adding extra layers of security to block unauthorized access and tampering of storage systems and their digital content.

SDMA gives organizations a holistic approach to actively manage their high-value data files and protect them from tampering, destruction, loss or leakage through their entire lifecycle. SDMA empowers end users to manage their own policy for protecting their high-value data in addition to enabling organizational control and management policies. It addresses the need to safeguard data files throughout the data lifecycle.

Lock & Key builds upon the core capabilities for SDMA and data protection found within Assureon Secure Archive and IronKey secure storage solutions that are in use today. Assureon provides a comprehensive secure archive solution that protects and preserves high-value data, and IronKey mobile storage solutions enable users to securely access their workspaces and files remotely while adhering to corporate IT standards.