Friday, February 22, 2008

Yoggie Security Systems Wins PC Magazines 2007 Technical Excellence Award

Yoggie Security Systems Wins PC Magazine's 2007 Technical Excellence Award
Yoggie Pico Mini-Computer Honored in Security Category

NEW YORK, December 4, 2007 - Yoggie Security Systems™ has won PC Magazines's 2007 Technical Excellence Award for its Yoggie PicoTM, the world’s first hardware-based security solution for laptops and PCs that provides a suite of 12 security applications on a USB key-sized security mini-computer.

PC Magazine's 24th annual technical excellence awards, revealed today in the publication's December 4, 2007 cover issue, as well as online, recognize products, services and industry leaders that have improved the computing industry. The Yoggie Pico took top honors in the security category; winners were also selected in seven other categories - Storage, User Interface, Component, Software, Printing, Wireless and Person of the Year. Winners were selected by the magazine’s editorial staff.

"The Yoggie Pico is revolutionizing how people protect their computers, providing much more security in an easier to use and cost effective way. Using a unique hardware-based Internet security solution, the Yoggie Pico's USB key-sized Linux-based computer is packed with some of the toughest available security applications," said Shlomo Touboul, founder and CEO of Yoggie Security Systems. "It's gratifying that our innovative developments have been recognized by a publication as prestigious as PC Magazine."

By moving the software and the security burden to its own mini-computer, all Internet threats are blocked outside -- before they reach the PC -- and the PC regains resources enabling a performance boost. The Yoggie Pico has simplified "plug and forget" installation and operation, with no special technical knowledge required to produce a seamless security solution without pop-ups and update alerts.
In recent weeks, Yoggie Security Systems has been recognized by a host of other organizations and publications including CES Best of Innovations 2008 - Computer Accessories, Business Week/IDSA Silver Idea Award, Red Herring Global 100 Finalist, RSA 2007 Innovation Award and Network World's ‘Top Ten Security Companies to Watch.'

About Yoggie Security Systems
Yoggie Security Systems was established in 2005 by Shlomo Touboul, founder and former CEO of Finjan Software, and the inventor of Behavior Based Blocking Technology. As a result of countless meetings with IT managers around the world, Mr. Touboul realized they all share a common concern - while security technology has matured to provide robust security, traveling laptops create security holes that jeopardize the security of the entire corporate network. Mr. Touboul decided to dare the impossible, to try to miniaturize all the security appliances found in the corporate server room into a credit-card size device that can be easily carried and connected to the laptop.

The attempt was successful. After two years of intensive research, the world's first miniature security server was created. Putting all the security solutions into such a small device requires robust processing power, and indeed the Yoggie Gatekeeper is as strong as a full-blown Pentium III PC (520 MHz). But unlike a regular PC, it was designed as security hardware, with a hardened operating system and physical separation between the unsafe zone (Internet) and the safe zone (connected to the laptop). Yoggie solved the vulnerabilities of traveling laptops by effectively extending robust corporate security to the mobile and remote workforce. In addition to serving the corporate world, Yoggie security mini-computers are suitable for SMBs and home users.


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