Monday, November 14, 2016

Promise Technology: Pegasus3 Symply Edition RAID Systems

Promise Technology Inc. and Symply, Inc. announced the Pegasus3 Symply Edition, the next generation of the Pegasus desktop RAID storage system. 

These system combines 40Gb/s Thunderbolt3 performance with Symply's storage management suite.

The Pegasus3 Symply Edition is a complement to the new MacBook Pro, optimized for performance and content protection. It delivers the speed needed for creative professionals generating high-resolution video and rich media content, and also the safety and security of  RAID protection.
The Symply software suite makes setup, optimization and management easy. The dual Thunderbolt3 ports provide fast connectivity and the ability to connect up to six daisy-chained devices on a single Thunderbolt3 port while adding management tools and support from the creative workflow experts of Symply, Inc.

Thunderbolt 3 provides throughput rates up to 40Gb/s, twice the speed of Thunderbolt2.

The Pegasus3 Symply Edition is available in three models - the Pegasus R4, Pegasus R6 and Pegasus R8 - delivering four, six and eight drive configurations of RAID storage. Each system is tested, performance tuned and ready to go 'out of the box' for Mac users with a 1m 40Gb/s Active Thunderbolt3 cable for connectivity.
Every Pegasus3 Symply Edition will include Symply's macOS management App. iOS and Apple Watch apps to monitor the system remotely are coming soon. The Symply Management suite will support most earlier Pegasus systems. 

The Pegasus3 Symply Edition includes a three-year warranty, tech support and 24/7 media and creative user support worldwide.


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